Roland DG Corporation

Financial Data Consolidation for Rea-Time Global Business
~Sales and Inventory Data, which are Gathered from Subsidiaries, Strengthen Business Analysis for Global Market~

Photo(Right&Center):In charge of Global Information Services in Roland DG / Watanabe, Director, Globalway(Left)

Roland DG is a leading player in the computerized modeling machines worldwide with wide-format inkjet printers, 3D modeling machines, vinyl sign cutters, and dental milling devices. They have international distribution channel and suppliers. To accelerate their global business, Roland DG has engaged in the implementation of the next generation system which provides consolidated view of business activity worldwide.

For developing new Global Datawarehouse which is the core platform of informational infrastructure, Roland DG decided to go with Globalway’s Voxer solution since they have decided on a cloud based architecture. Roland DG has distributors in North & South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. Now, they all are all connected and can monitor the global business activity.

And for the future they are expanding the platform for global SCM system and consolidated accounting system.

Roland DG Corporation
Founded:May 1, 1981
HQ:1-6-4 Shinmiyakoda, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, 431-2103 Japan
Main Products:Color Graphics/Signmaking Devices, Vinyl Sign Cutters Engraving/Routing System, Prototyping/Modeling Machines, Photo Impact Printers
Paid in Capital:JPY 3,668,700,000 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section

Background and Solutions


  • Subsidiaries have different ERP in overseas and data models were also different. Due to this, their reporting times could be as long as weeks to see performance of the business.
  • For use in Global SCM and Consolidated Accounting System, ERPs were able to be integrated to the centralized database.


  • Enabling data integration from ERPs in subsidiaries and converting to the standardized data model.
  • Enabling new and existing business application to use the data stored in informational infrastructure with REST and SOAP interfaces.

The Centralized Global Database over 7 Regional Unit

Technical Highlights

Integrate the sales information from overseas, while making the best use of ERPs in subsidiaries.

They had different ERPs with different data model and they had each separate financial data in each unit. They optimized ERPs to each local culture and customs. So, a loosely coupled system was the key to make the best use of the data.

Define a standardized data model for item code converter functionality.

Due to geographic and ERPs differences, most of data is needed to be processed and standardized before being integrated. Thanks to the Global Database which is a bridge between subsidiaries, Roland DG can analyze global operation from different angles: the financial aspect, the inventory aspect, and the sales aspect.

Browse and update data from a billion of files.

For this Global Database project, we introduced Talend Open Studio as a bridge between different ERPs. It required the careful integration of different applications, of which many files were saved. Talend Open Studio gave us the speed and trusted interface for integration. Roland DG no longer needs to manually consolidate data in Excel files.

Customers Voice

“We not only talked about IT strategy, we also could talk about business strategy with Globalway.”
-David Koepke

The implementation of Global Database is not our goal. It will make marketing strategy and global operation more easily by providing consolidated views of our global operations. So it will enable us to improve our customer satisfaction and sales figures.

Mr. Koepke, Division President, Roland DG

“In the last two years, we discussed how to manage the data deeply. Now, we moved to the next step.” -Ryoei Fujiwara

「Finally, we have the Global Database which gathered ERPs data from subsidiaries. Next, we are developing consolidated accounting system and Global SCM system with the Global Database being the central point. Adding to the data of ERPs, inventory and sales data will be gathered to analyze global operation more precisely and quickly. We thank ful for Globalway’s Voxer team for helping to create a valued partnership.Finally, we have the same global database with other competitors.

Mr. Fujiwara, General Manager, Roland DG

A member from

“Now our support member joined to back up operational phase.”

In this project, I’m in charge of developing data integration. I see Roland DG is characterized by using Agile methodology. We joined their project management platformwhich made it easy to share tasks and problems. As a result of working as a member of Roland DG’s Global Database project, we could have effective teamwork and high productivity.
Now our support member joined to back up operational phase for Roland DG.

Otaka, Technical Consultant, Globalway’s Voxer

Voxer with Talend ~What’s Voxer DMP Solution~

Nowadays, the data integration in real-time is the one of the important theme for global business. We have best practice for data management from many cases with Talend and offer the solution of the data centric approach to your business management.